Roelof Broekman

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ROELOF BROEKMAN, born in Amsterdam in 1967, is a composer, novel writer and video artist from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He creates video-art under the name of Broekman & Preisner. His works have been screened in more than 25 countries worldwide. In 2014 his literary novel 'In de Waitman' was published. With his background as a composer he is able to create the videos and additional soundtracks all by himself, which is quiet unique. His deep interest in the world of sound and compostion can be heard all over. His future output will consist of more video-art work as well as a new novel.

Prior to his video art, Roelof composed music for Dutch National TV, performed as a singer-songwriter, wrote a book of poetry and published poetry in literary magazines in Belgium and The Netherlands. In English translated poetry reached the shortlist of the Erbacce Poetry price in the UK, 2012. His article 'Zappa, Nabokov and Montreux' can be found on Linkedin.