Paul Windridge

Isle of Wight, UK

PAUL WINDRIDGE is a video artist, short film and music maker, exploring what we perceive to be reality then presenting it as something completely different. Creating new types of narrative where interpretation is not influenced by explanation, and therefore left open to the viewer's own imagination.

"Having started my creative life as a painter, and therefore concerned with the still image, my desire is to be able to stop any one of my films at any point and for that single frame to be good enough to stand on it's own as a still image that wouldn't look out of place if it were exhibited in a gallery." "My work is centred on atmosphere and the distortion of time and space opening up the possibility of multi-dimensional filmic universes." "The music I make can be powerfully rhythmic, but always atmospheric and alternative. It is made with a belief that music doesn't necessarily require a rigid, formal structure, but should always be an expressive force."