Marlijn Franken

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

MARLIJN FRANKEN (1956) works and resides in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her earlier work as an independent fashion designer laid the foundation for Marlijn’s vibrant visual art; textile sculptures, wearable art, installations. All her works are created within the boundaries of an exhibition space and/or theme. A returning element in her work is collaboration. Working together with artists from all over the world who specialise in other disciplines forms an endless source of inspiration. This diversity has been an immense contribution to her artistic development.

In 2007, primarily out of the need to register her own visual arts projects, she started filming. At Open Studio, in 2012, she followed the one year course in video journalism / all-round filmer in order to professionalize her filmmaking. Her short films have subsequently been showcased at several (international film festivals, exhibitions and museums.

Marlijn’s main area of expertise became documentary shorts and lyrical, poetic art videos that flow freely outside of the confines of a specific storyline or scripted text, often in collaboration with composers and performance groups. Part of her signature during this period - with a small pro HD video camera and making strict use of only existing light - was in herself assuming all the other roles necessary to support her camera work, like doing her own sound, direction, editing, etc. Her artist’s eye is an extra in her work. ‘As an artist, you just have a different way of looking at your surroundings'. For her, reality holds ‘an everlasting source of inspiration’.