Mario Gutiérrez Cru

Madrid, Spain

Mario Gutiérrez Cru was born in Madrid, Spain in 1979. He graduated from the Fine Arts University UPV (Spain). He is an artist, curator and creative. Since 2002 he has developed the concept of “Passages” and its relation with the space and time in single pieces, video installations, sound installations and interactive. Recently, he has worked with the idea of vigilance, for your own security and city maps drifts.

He was the founder of the experimental art space Espacio Menosuno, Madrid, Spain from 2000-10. He was also co-founder of IN-SONORA, which displays interactive sound art from 2005 to 2010. Since 2010, Mario has been in charge of KREÆ [Institute of Contemporary Creation]. Main projects: DVD Project, international video art show, 2007-15; PROYECTOR, international video art festival- several venues in 4 countries. 2008-15; Colectivos en red*, Online collective art, 2007-15.

Artist Statement: "That art is not only beauty or entertainment, the artist is not the sole creator of works, but the generator of parts where the audience participates, sometimes consciously and sometimes just by his mere presence. The creator dissolves in his creations, shares and invites action."

His motivation for the past 15 years has been to analyze the movements of people, his way of dealing with life, sees in his daily walks, traces in his mere presence in society and left in his wake. It is an attempt to record every step, every situation, every little event to make communicating to several people a simple action that would cause a change in the other. His videos show these anonymous paths, often ending only in graphics, lines, almost an audiovisual memory of these movements.