Cronos Studio

Bucharest, Romania

CRONOS STUDIO ( was formed by Roberta Isai and David Erwin-Sever, who met at the University of Arts and Design of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, where they graduated with a B.A. in Visual Arts. Roberta presented a mixed media project concerning the evolution and future of art, while Sever produced a non-verbal film and an in-depth essay about how non-verbal visual communication impacts the viewer.

Although their common passion for photography has brought them together, they use complementary skills to make their artworks come to life: Roberta relies on drawing, painting and complex photomanipulations, as well as concepts and techniques from architecture and graphic design to showcase her artistic vision and Sever uses film, fractal art, abstract animation and specialized photography techniques to present the world from a different perspective. They have participated in various international art projects and contests, creating artworks and presentations for numerous clients, shooting or assisting in many documentary productions and continuously improving their artistic technique.