Bo G. Svensson

Stockholm, Sweden

BO G. SVENSSON (b. 1959) is a filmmaker working in video, sound and photography and he is primarily concerned with questions about the mystery of time, memory and its infinite combinations and interactions of layers and the secret language of buildings. His daytime work since 1991 involves different aspects of restorations of old buildings such as manor houses, churches, listed buildings, et cetera. He works as a civil servant (as Deputy Chief County Heritage Advisor) at a County Administrative Board 100 kilometers south of Stockholm, Sweden.

His works is mainly represented in private collections. Quotes of importance for the works: "In viewing avant-garde film it is most helpful to suspend questions like – where are we going – how it is going to end – and, instead perceive the fundamental experience of the film itself. The first cut triggers ideas […] and lets you see what actually happens between two shots." Gunvor Nelson "The best milieu for me is one where it is almost entirely impossible to photograph, where you kind of have to make something out of nothing." Gunnar Smoliansky